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I'm having too much fun with my action figures, really. Originally I only wanted to take some pictures to show people the new Jack model (the clothings so much better!) but the boys didn't stop, so I give you a Ten/Jack picspam!adventure over in my journal - crossover with Farscape, too. ^^ Enjoy.
This weekend we all drove up to see the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery.  It was one of the most trouble-free launches ever. My brother found a hotel with a great view of the launch site - the place was a dump trying desperately to become a dive (and failing miserably!) but it did have a nice unobstructed view of the launch! 

 Mini!Ten decided to come along as well; he was interested in observing our primitive spaceflight capabilities. 

I am afraid that my brother and his wife and kids think I'm a bit nuts for taking the Mini!Ten photos but MY kids are becoming definite fans and they thought it was great fun.
Hello everyone! I recently got my hands on a Mini!Master figure, and have been scouring the shops of Dublin looking for a Doctor to keep him company. They're harder to find than you would think.

Anyway, I finally bought and took Mini!Doctor home this morning, and he's been busy. Despite being in the house less than a day, he's already managed to have his own Mini Adventure!

Onward to my journal!
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08 February 2008 @ 17:12
In January, loopyorangelady and I set out for a week long holiday in the Maldives, specifically the island of Meedhupparu.

Much to her horror, as we boarded the plane in Manchester, there was a stowawayCollapse )
I now have a 12 inch Doctor Who 10th Doctor figure. I got him for my birthday and he has been with me to my Grandma's for Christmas. He is now resting on my bed, next to my pillow, with my stuffed animals and my 11.5 inch Sailor-Moon Sailor Pluto doll since he's lonely without Rose and I would think he'd get along with Sailor Pluto very well. I have pics of him! I even have pics of him riding my cat Little One.

I will get you some pics when I can...
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21 October 2007 @ 16:55
Following mini!Ten's excursion to Blackpool to see his big self's alter ego David Tennant switch on the Illuminations, he decided to go to Cardiff with todd_loves_mc to visit filming locations for Doctor Who and Torchwood. He made a new friend, Bear Ten, during his two days.

Enjoying the viewCollapse )