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03 June 2008 @ 23:42
Mini!Ten attends the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery!  
This weekend we all drove up to see the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery.  It was one of the most trouble-free launches ever. My brother found a hotel with a great view of the launch site - the place was a dump trying desperately to become a dive (and failing miserably!) but it did have a nice unobstructed view of the launch! 

 Mini!Ten decided to come along as well; he was interested in observing our primitive spaceflight capabilities. 

Here he is looking across the river at the Vehicle Assembly Building.  It looks very small from here, but it is one of the largest buildings (by volume) in the world!

Here he is checking out our picnic lunch.  He was rather annoyed that there were no bananas.

Disappointed at the distance between us and the launch pad, Mini!Ten decided that a better view might be obtained from atop my brother's tripod.

He then decided a look through my brother's telescope would provide better visibility.

Frustrated by his inability to sneak onto the launch pad (he'd left his psychic paper in his overcoat pocket), Mini!Ten remembered Rose's advice when the Slitheen ship crashed into Big Ben and decided to watch the countdown on the TV. 

Aha!  Mini!Ten has managed to sneak onto the launch pad prior to the final countdown to ensure there are no attempts to sabotage the shuttle. 

And there goes Space Shuttle Discovery.  Godspeed and return safely to Earth at the end of your mission.

I am afraid that my brother and his wife and kids think I'm a bit nuts for taking the Mini!Ten photos but MY kids are becoming definite fans and they thought it was great fun.
jlrpuckjlrpuck on 4th June 2008 05:35 (UTC)
Hurrah! for Mini!Ten adventures! It certainly looks like he had a good time--and good weather--during the launch. ;)
Poor Tea Biscuit: hump TARDISnightbeast on 4th June 2008 09:17 (UTC)
What your kids think is more important. They are the ones that decide what nursing home you end up in!

Nice adventure, thanks for sharing.
crimedoc1crimedoc1 on 4th June 2008 15:51 (UTC)
*grin* That's why we have kids - to support us in our old age, right?

This was my first attempt at a photo-adventure for mini!ten - it was fun! I'm definitely doing it again.